Rumah Kucing Garong

January 30, 2014

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Rumah Kucing Garong is a social campaign which aims to accommodate stray cats by building shelters as their home and playground. It is a collaboration project for Jakarta Biennale (Desain & Kriya Biennale 2013) by Andra Matin and Hermawan Tanzil. As an expert in their own field, they contributed and worked together to develop the concept of this project.


It begins with “shelter” as the keyword, in which then the idea of this program called Rumah Kucing Garong was developed. Being an architect and a cat lover, Andra Matin and his wife, Dite Matin, together initiated the idea of making a cat shelter.

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Its objective is to provide an urban street scape in the form of shelters, which will allow the cats to play, eat, and sleep. It will also give an opportunity to all the cat lovers who wish to nurture a cat without having one at their own house.

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It is more into a small, modest, conceptual project, dedicated to the general community, instead of a sensational, outstanding artwork. It is not only for exhibition or publicise, but it also has a basic idea, a strong concept, and purposes.

Rumah Kucing Garong also encourages those in creative fields such as architects, interior designer, graphic designer and other various designers to join this movement by submitting their artwork design to the committee. The selected artwork will be published and be the part of the campaign.

This campaign will continuously persuade people to objectify and maintain this movement by taking part in the establishment of the cat shelters within their area. They may download the template design along with the instructions of its design construction.



The shape of the logo represents the figure of a cat, also showing characteristics such as warm, friendly, modern, architectural, as a portrayal of the concept of Rumah Kucing Garong. It also contains the elements refer to the characteristic of cats, such as witty, quirky, and clever.   Flexibility of the logo is depicted through different implementation of the shape of the cat’s head, and also various types and colours of its fur. Negative space at the bottom of the logo formed a house, which reflects a hope of having a place to stay and to live in.

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