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21st century: The Power of Design 1 Graphic

.exe is the new contemporary design magazine from Hong Kong. Published with 2 versions in chinese and english by ooogo Limited (www.oooglo.com). ooogo Limited publishing focus on publications that explore new horizons in creation and communication.

This second issue is on graphic design, there are 2 separate books (image and text). 20 designers around the world were exposed for their accomplishment in their work. Each has their own characteristic and uniqueness put in to it. Varies from branding identity, packaging, campaign till architecture, it covers a full range of graphic application and shows the power of design. To name a few there are Studio Output and Troika from UK, Yoshimaru Takahashi from Japan and Lavernia & Cienfuegos from Spain. In addition to that, this magazine gives the designer’s insight on their work, life and advise to young generation. LeBoYe’s has 24 pages, more than any other designer ! Our projects featured are Senopati Suite,  Monocle optique in KL, Nini Towok Children Book, Cemani Toka Calender, Peranakan Porcelain, Roemahkoe Heritage Hotel, Thinking Big with Design, Taum Hotel, A-Z to the Archipelago Fonts Project and Indonesia Printer

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Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil is one lucky guy. The Jakarta native not only attended one of the West Coast of the USA’s top design schools the California College of the Arts, where he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in 1985-but he stayed on to serve his apprenticeship in no last than three established California design firms, working on accounts such as Samsung, Hyatt Regency, and the University of California Berkeley, to name a few. After a brief stint at what was then one of Indonesia’s leading graphic design firm, Hermawan launched his own design company in 1990. He called it LeBoYe, a contraction of the French “les beaux yeux”- or “good eyes.” perhaps he already has his eyes on the prize-or prizes, because in short order and from modest beginnings, LeBoYe went on to garner a slew of local and international design awards from How Magazine, Communication Arts, Type Director’s Club, Conqueror Paper, Scopa and other awards. Hermawan’s works have also been showcased in exhibitions around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo to Toronto.

LeBoYe specialises in branding and corporate identity, collateral and other marketing materials, and web design. It even produces its own branded range of goods which it sells in a retail outlet on the ground floor of its office.

You have been worked and lived in America? How do you find this experience? Does it influence your career development?

In 80’s, I was a person who came from a small town from Indonesia. During that time there was very limited information about the art world. I had never seen the work of Matisse, Duchamp or even Miro. Of course, I was fortunate that I went to a great school and encountered great mentors when I was working. Going to another
country with different culture and environment sure had made me learn as well as influenced my work and myself in many ways.

This may seems like an unfair question (its certainly demands either modesty or immodesty), but can you describe what you believe is your contribution to the graphic design field over the past decade, as you are a famous designer from Indonesia?
I would like people to remember us as a design company, that not only produces good quality and innovative designs but more on how we are able to deliver the good value and meaning to our society.

LeBoYe Design has grown up as a famous company, won numerous international design competitions, how is it
I think the key is to keep ourselves excited! It is all about creating good works and having fun with it! Every design case has its own solution and exploration, it creates the unique value in design.

How do you feel about the relationship between the national culture and the design?
Famous industrial designer, Hartmut Esslinger mentioned about design should reflect a sense of human history and some aspect of where we had come from. Robert L. Peters, a graphic designer from Canada believes that Design creates culture. For me, I believe that actually Culture creates Design and then in turn, Design creates culture. The Culture shapes values, values determines our future. Both of culture and design are interwoven in a deep inseparable relationship through human history. You can see the quality of a nation by looking upon their culture.

How do you feel about the current design industry in Indonesia?
Design industry in Indonesia is in its growing process with the increase of people’s regards toward design esteem. Nowadays, design is one of the most popular major in colleges and universities. At this moment we have about 20,000 people who study graphic design from 70 institutions. It is a good sign but we still have problem to maintain the quality of the education. It is our job to create better education system.

How do you feel about Asia’s design industry and what are your expectations for it?
Asian culture is so diverse, rich, and unique. Not only Japanese graphic designer who have influenced and given color to the world, I believe that we as Asian (a continent with more than 50 nations) designers should show to the world that we have many valuable treasures to be revealed.

Where do you get your news from? Do you read design, art or architecture magazines?
Books, Magazines and browsing Internet! Yes, just like everybody else. But actually I like to obtain information in hardcopies better than from the internet. It is just that there is something perceptible and tactile, that you can actually touch and feel in direct.

What kind of music do you listen to? Do you listen to the music when you are working?
Music is universal art forms! I love to explore all kind music, ranging from our Indonesia local folk song to the third world music or even the classical. Recently my kids have become in love with the Beatles, so do I.

What is the best moment of the day? How do you arrange your time for work and life?
The time that I love the most is early in the morning, as it is the best time when I can do things that I like very productively! Designers always have to work extra hard but at the same time we should be able to enjoy our life. I have so many interest & hobbies, mostly collecting artifacts. Many of them are related to design, such as collecting labels, paper, etc. I like to interact with people, that I have been in many peculiar places around the world. Once I was in Nepal celebrating my new year eve in the middle of jungle with the natives, another day, I was in Bolivia drinking coca tea while watching the beauty of the nature… or hunting for wonderful handmade textile in small market Antigua, Guatemala. But if I am asked about the best thing that happened in my life, the answers is, at the end of the day, how you design your works & life best for yourself and people around you!

Could you describe your style as a good friend of yours might?
I do not know to state my style because I am easily get bored with things. May be all I could say, my style is my mood, my thinking, my personality…

Are there any artists, designers or architects that you are most looking forward to working with?
Luis Barragan & Geoffrey Bawa! Yes I love their works so much.

Do you have any advice for young designers?
Berakit-rakit ke hulu berenang-renang ke tepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian. – It is a Indonesian common phrase in general means in order you want to be happy and enjoy your life you have to feel hurt, pain and work hard ! Today generation we want everything instant, easy job great money!

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