Titik Dua

January 28, 2020

Titik Dua is a small boutique hotel that offers a unique stay experience for a design-savvy traveller built by andramatin. Located in Ubud, Bali, the hotel lies behind an old art gallery owned by a Balinese artist. As a branding project of ours, we aim to create a hotel that not only supports and revitalizes the gallery but also build a creative hub for local Balinese people and act as a community center especially for artists. From naming to designing a logo, we hope to realize this vision.

The hotel is generally made out of bricks which has eighteen rooms with the same room configuration and an additional of four rooms with a more experimental take on the configuration. The hotel also have a multifunction area that can be used as a gallery, an amphitheater, a public swimming pool, bar and restaurant, and several meeting rooms. The entrance of the hotel keeps the existing gallery which the visitors can come through the newly designed bridge before reaching the lobby.

Titik Dua logo

We came up with the name ”titik dua” because it reflects a space and a community that are join together to gives positive meaning. Following the name, we designed the logo by simply taking the shape of the punctuation mark itself. “titik dua” consists of two equally sized dots centered on the same vertical line, using Open Sans as a primary typeface and Tecknick Mono as secondary typeface.

As for the secondary element, we highlight the punctuation’s dots shape and playfully reconstruct it for other design applications purposes like signage and directory. The various dotted composition reflects on the brand identity concept which tells about space and collective, it adds a distinctive element of surprise for people to discover. We use Shade Green, Grey and Black for the corporate colors to be used in every application.

Titik Dua2

Titik Dua4 copy

Titik Dua5

Logo application for Sandals.

Titik Dua8

Titik Dua9

Titik Dua Shirt

Titik Dua merchandise

Titik Dua3

Playful “two dots” icon

Titik Dua6

Fun game on placemat

Titik Dua10

Logo application on the wall consisting of vertically two holes

Titik Dua11 copy revisi

Titik Dua13

Titik Dua12

Titik Dua14


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