Client’s approved logo, our starting point.

For certain projects, having a design approval from our client doesn’t mean that our work is done. For some that might have been the case, but for this
particular project to redesign the Roemahkoe identity, the approval only meant our work was only halfway done.

Moreover, we also continued to experiment on the logotype. We compared the logogram with various logotypes, from very modern ones to warm and friendly ones. While this may seem like a long and iterative process, it was nevertheless a necessary step to ensure the logotype completely complemented the logogram in addition to just simply making it look right.


Roemahkoe new logo.

Roemahkoe logo in the making

Roemahkoe is LeBoYe’s latest and challenging project! Originally built in 1938 by a batik merchant (“Saudagar Batik”) within a predominantly residential area, it was later renovated into a novel boutique hotel in 2003. Today, Roemahkoe features the charming and unique art deco architecture and interior details that characterized that memorable era in Indonesia’s history.

Interior lobby, wonderful art deco architecture & interior detail .

After a few day survey,  we were surprised that a singular retro-era gateway, reminiscent of a venerable and trans-generation Laweyan batik village was not communicated in the website or any marketing brochure. This very attractive portal is located in the rear of Roemahkoe and allows pedestrian access to several other quaint homes and shops as well.

Inspired by this chance discovery, for me the best design solution was simple and clear. Roemahkoe began life as a notable batik store and Kampung Batik Laweyan has a long and respected heritage – hence, we decided to develop a concept and visual identity based on batik! In addition to its natural association with everything Indonesian, this batik experience became the central focus in the development of the identity and marketing communication program for this engaging project.



Walking from house to house to watch the processing of batik products.

Recognizing the sentimentality of Roemahkoe’s owner, we knew the new identity should not merely be another pretty logo. Roemahkoe’s final logo should also be able to communicate the owner’s love for batik and traditional Javanese values. To this end, it was helpful to establish that the owner’s favorite batik motif was “Wahyu Temurun”.

As an important element in the design process, Wahyu Temurun proved to be very appropriate for this project. This traditional batik motif hails from Solo, Central Java and is used for special celebrations and ceremonies, particularly for weddings. Wahyu Temurun motif shape is similar to a face-down number three and in the Javanese tradition is believed to ensure happiness and success.

wahyu temurun low

Batik cloth with wahyu temurun motif