Savyavasa, the Essence of South Jakarta Living

March 18, 2021

Crafting Harmony, Perfected by Nature

Swire Properties a Hong Kong-based property developer renowned for its exceptional luxury homes, residential and commercial building along with Jakarta Setiabudi International Group, an established Indonesian real estate corporation with over four decades of experience, aim to deliver a residential concept that once only imagines as a dream in South Jakarta. By creating heaven of nature like no other, this exclusive development will rise in the greenest and most valuable location in Jakarta. This is made possible by the unique partnership of these trusted visionaries whose experience and reputation are evidenced by their successful global projects.

Situated in a lush green belt of nature in the heart of Jakarta and integrated within a three-hectare urban parkland, this high quality residential brings forward a way of living emphasizing the interaction between human and nature, blurring the boundaries between architecture and surrounding environment. Brought by the world-class, SCDA Architects from Singapore in collaboration with Intaran Design, Bali known as Landscape Designer, Karl Princic and interior designed by renowned, Yabu Pushelberg & Richardson Sadeki, New York. The innovative architecture and interior shy away from the banal idea of an enclosed space of living in a hustle bustle of a city, but instead promote the universality in space, with human as a part of nature and surrounding, and not isolated from it.

LeBoYe is entrusted by these two companies to work on the branding for this distinguished project, from naming, creating identities to delivering Graphic Standard Manual. While, indeed the whole process of the project took quite a long time, and as highly expected, we were able to deliver our tasks with the full support from both parties’ professional team despite the differences of cultural backgrounds and experiences. Our involvement began from the earliest stage of the project to present naming and branding explorations in correspondence with all parties from the architects, interior and landscape designers. As a result, this process allowed us to create branding at the maximum capacity.

Brand Positioning & Value

Because of the prestigious location, at the core of Jakarta’s business and lifestyle district, this residential will create ‘The New Tradition’ that sets a new standard of luxury properties as an upscale living heritage. Establishing an image that brings fulfillment of a natural haven that often sought but never found in South Jakarta. To re-imagine an oasis of tranquility held in quite reserve for the exclusive few. A place where urban dynamism is tempered with serenity, and present a near-perfect living among the essential elements that will bring harmony to every life.

Brand Characteristics

Forming a true nature reserve that mother earth will embrace, refreshing every soul within the harmonious balance of elements, surrounded by culture and greenery.

Highlighting the importance of location especially in the heart of South Jakarta, a place brimming with people who dream of a haven of their own away from the harshness of the urban jungle.

Establishing a refined living experience, we believe to give a daily refuge that pampers to their comfort and security.

Sense of discovery for a place that offers the ideal setting and a rare opportunity for such a personal refuge for those deserving few.

Presented with a perfect blend of technology, experience, and know-how to transform a dream into reality.

Accommodate a strong vibrant community; A place that throbs with the energy of individuals each seeking to better themselves and the lives of those they live for.

A display of an artisanal touch, a home as closely designed to embrace nature as comfortably as possible.

An image of integrity that reflects an exclusive dream project undertaken by partners with solid reputations built upon a history of successful projects worldwide made possible by experience and deep market knowledge.

Features a personal touch within the sanctuary of modern comforts, complemented by the ageless wisdom of cultural traditions that will fulfill the dreams of every discerning individual simple things for infinite and long-lasting stories experience the luxury of living.


Our goal is to develop a rich character and story with unique identity and added value. The challenge is to design and create a branding image by naming and logo design that tell an enthralling story of the human, surroundings and culture in South Jakarta.


An image that presents a rare and unique opportunity to live a dream often promised but yet to be fulfilled. To experience sky-high aspiration and surprises in every turn amongst the skyscrapers, traffic and seas of humanity. We seek a name that capture the essence of South Jakarta Living, highlighting a part of the community brimming with vibrant creativity and enterprise, surrounded with unique individuals. A name that indicates a sense of exclusive discovery, refined and comforted upscale living.

Savya – South, Vasa – Living in Sanskrit, South Living; crafting harmony, perfected by nature.

Logo Design

Logo design consists of 9 strokes that represents 9 elements of Savyavasa; The logotype is a custom made typeface with longer stroke on ‘Y’ which pointing down symbolizing the South, and with strokes contrast that provides an elegant look.

As the central element in Savyavasa visual communications system, the logo becomes a visual shorthand through consistent use as a signature device and design element in all of Savyavasa‘s marketing communications, it identifies the product and symbolically embodies its characters. It reflects energy, rhythm and stable dynamics. Geometrical yet organic, it embodies nature and architecture through abstract representation of basic architectural elements.

The Savyavasa logo consists of a combination of logotype and the graphic elements denotes structure and nature. It is meant to stand together but it’s also responsive. Therefore, in special cases, the word mark could stand alone without the strokes.


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