YCAB: Angel of Change

June 2, 2014

“For some of us, dreams are part of our everyday lives, but not so for underprivileged children. Having a dream is a luxury for these children; luxury that cannot be bought with money. Money is only available with economic stability. Without economic stability, the children are not going to be able to finish school.” – Veronica Colondam, founder / CEO of YCAB Foundation

IMG_6355.jpgHard box for cover. A brightly colored cover to strike a note of hope.

Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), meaning “Loving the Nation’s Children Foundation“ in the Indonesian language, is a non-profit organization based in Indonesia. Established in 1999, the foundation was born out of love for this country and especially for socially marginalized youth.

YCAB Foundation empowers youth to be independent through educational provisions, economic assistance, and welfare creation for a better and sustainable future. That is the road map for a true and responsible freedom.

The book “Angel of Change: on the Flipside” is a collaborative project between YCAB and Indonesia Leica Community (idL). It was launched as a testament to honouring marginalized Indonesian women as agents of change in their families. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “…women are like tea bags: put them in hot water, they get stronger”. The photographs taken by id.L portray the dedication and dignity of these women who are the backbone of the family struggling for the welfare of their children. 

cover(1).jpgIMG_openingpage.jpgIMG_5710.jpgIMG_C.jpgIMG_A.jpgIMG_B.jpgIMG_5825 copy.jpgIMG_5825(1).jpgIMG_5825.jpgIMG_5712.jpgIMG_5713.jpgIMG_5714.jpgIMG_5797.jpgIMG_5715.jpgThe book portrays the undying spirit of margalinized women who are the backbone of the family struggling for the welfare of their children. 

This social project is one that is close at heart and inspirational in which Leboye is honoured to be a part of. The process of putting this book together was enriching and truth to be told, quite challenging. 

First is to make the photographs feel as one. The photographs, curated by Oscar Motuloh, are captured by twenty five idL community members. Each explores a different disadvantaged area in the greater Jakarta and Sukabumi. There they interact with the people, most of whom have participated in the micro-credit program provided by YCAB. Thus each photograph rewards a distinct insight, vision and style. 

The solution is to make the photos black and white for unity. Their sequence is also carefully thought out to depict a sense of journey likewise when you are walking along those narrow alleys yourself. You look straight to take in the the scene. Look up to see people poking their heads out of their windows. Look to the side to get a peek inside their homes. Look down to see children playing. This constant movement of perspective creates a sense of rhythm and wonder. 

Second comes the printing. The book uses 3-tone color process for the black and white images and 4 fluorescent pantone colors for typographical accents. The selected bright colors evoke positiveness toward these people. In the midst of their daily struggle, they still prevail. And smile at the end of the day. The secret lies in their sense of purpose. That is, to put better food on the table and save money for their children’s education.

This book is part of an effort to raise awareness and encourage people to join and support its campaign for positive social change. Each purchase of the book “Angel of Change: On The Flipside” is donated to the YCAB Foundation.

For more information, visit ycabfoundation.org