Gallery Naming & Identity

 “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Belief has it, that art and spirit are inseparable. There will always be a spirit in every artwork, in every space. Shary Boyle once quoted, “Art is something about the spirit…and If you want to make something that has a spirit and speaks to the spirit of other people in the world, you have to touch it”.

ROH Project is an artspace founded to observe, facilitate, and give the public access to the development of contemporary art by Indonesian and international artists.

God – Human – Nature. United in a single Godhead, commonly represented by a Triangle.

Junior Tirtadji, an art gallery worker and director of the now known as ROH Projects meets up with Leboye for a rebranding of an artspace previously called ‘Gallery Rachel’. The brief was to give the artspace a new name for a fresh image. Leboye develop the conceptual naming based on a universal concept that acknowledges spirituality within art. This higher being or divine spirit is translated as “Roh” in the Indonesian language. The name represents the modern, the conceptual, and the fundamental humility as an artist. 

For the branding, each letter of the word ‘ROH’ sits at three different points forming a triangle. The significance of each point is God, humans, and nature. They are all united by a single Godhead, commonly represented by a triangle. The ‘O’ form is intrinsically connected to the divine and is elevated to communicate that the spirit is higher and greater than mankind. The stenciled typography completes ROH concept as a space by adding the illusion of depth and shadows.

Stationeries are designed to meet simplicity and philosophy.