June 10, 2008

TeSaTe signage

TeSaTe brings a new perspective in enjoying the authentic culinary of Indonesia. From the moment you step foot into the restaurant, you are intrigued with a long alley adorned by playful lighting and multimedia screening. Walking through this alley feels like being cleansed and prepared for an exceptional culinary experience.

TeSaTe alley

Personifying our client’s dream to create the first Indonesian global restaurant, TeSaTe promotes not only the diversity of Indonesian food, but also the distinct richness of Indonesian culture and celebration. Each serving is modernly crafted into its perfection, yet the taste savors the delightful memories.

TeSaTe menu

TeSaTe namecard

TeSaTe packaging

Entrusted with the branding of TeSaTe, LeBoYe depicted the name from the unique “callsign” of how the traditional sate vendor heralds their fare. The logotype itself emphasizes the intonation. Each feature of TeSaTe, from the business collaterals, menu book, packaging, and gift item to the interior lamp are tailor made to complement the concept behind the brand. For instance, we designs a flip book which tells the story behind the name TeSaTe as a gift item, and hanging lamp using the Javanese manuscript wrapped in a more modern style.

TeSaTe interior

Another significance in TeSaTe branding comes from the gratifying collaborations with Soichi Mizutani, a renowned Japanese architect responsible for the interior design of TeSaTe, and Ariani Darmawan, a video artist who produced the “Troposphere Journey”. Harmonized with the contemporary ethnic jazz music and exceptionally crafted interior elements, the ambience is perfect for everyone who wish to have a singular culinary exposure.