To celebrate the first-ever solo exhibition in the history of the National Gallery of Indonesia, andramatin’s architecture commemorates their journey for the past two decades. Given the opportunity, LeBoYe was very honored to be involved in creating the exhibition branding and to design all promotional items from book publication, social media to merchandise items. Danny Wicaksono, as a curator for this project together with our graphic designer partner, Nusae working on exhibition graphics and Davy Linggar as a video and photographer.

This project is very ideal because it celebrates arts and architecture design. We are doing this as a tribute to our dearest friend who we really admire for his works and talents, which also makes this project very exciting for us to do.

Searching for the name/title of the exhibition is crucial and essential for us considering that we knew Andra’s journey from the very beginning since LeBoYe’s office was the first project of andramatin’s architecture.

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alternative naming

Our first stage of the case study began with naming the exhibition.

Firstly, our research involves a thorough study of andramatin’s past and recent projects with its current development and process. Secondly, reading and studying all of Andramatin’s publications. Thirdly, we searched for inspiration from poetry and literary works, noting that Andra himself is a lover of poetry and literature and many of his works are considered poetic.

As graphic designers, we saw “words” not only from its meanings but also from its shapes, dimension, and compositions which gives it a unique and distinct character. Every “words” have a particular tone and sound that determines the beauty and sublimity of a name.

Our second stage of case study continued by creating a list of naming alternatives as follows;

1. Ketika Ruang Bicara
2. (Me) Ruang
3. Jalan Tangga
4. Fragment: Arsitektur Andramatin
5. Prihal: Arsitektur Andramatin
6. Sang Arsitek
7. Nafas
8. Ruang Satu Kata

And finally, the last stage was choosing the name from all of the alternatives above. After a thorough discussion with the team, Andra Matin, Dite Martin, Danny Wicaksono, Artiandi Akbar, Davy Linggar and Imelda Akmal, we come up with PRIHAL: arsitektur andramatin. Far from an understatement, “Prihal” itself means an in-depth look, in regards to telling the story of Andramatin’s journey.

After the title is chosen, we built the visual identity system and step by step we work to conclude the brand characteristics. The brand has to be clean, straightforward, simple, modern, and minimalistic with a sense of humbleness.

These are 5 out of 8 alternatives of visual exercises we came up with, along with its applications, among others.

1st alternative 

The identity visualizes the roof which linked with several andramatin’s projects, moreover, the connection between word by word (in the logo) depicted a milestone or a journey regarding the 21 years of their work.

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1st alternative identity and direction

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promotional material

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2nd alternative

The second alternative visualizes a label form on an architect’s blueprint, it gives a clean and spacious experience. The label also represents archives, which this exhibition will act as a retrospect to andramatin’s journey throughout the years, how the studio moves through times, sharpening and making andramatin’s architecture as it stands today.

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2nd alternative identity and direction

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promotional materials

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3rd alternative

Next approach we catch inspiration from grid system module that usually used for architecture floor plan, the grid system can be very flexible and playful as secondary elements.

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3rd alternative identity and direction

Prihal Blog10Prihal Blog11

promotional materials

Prihal Blog12Prihal Blog13


4th alternative

The identity represents a quotation mark where it usually used for quotes, greetings, phrases, or words. The geometric form and the uses of elegant, clean, and open spacing in typography depicted a spacious architectural which is a basic characteristic of andramatin’s works.

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4th alternative identity and direction

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promotional material
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5th alternative

The last alternative we came up with is a clean and spacious typography carrying the block plans as a secondary element. All of the block plans are their iconic projects that would be shown in the exhibition.

Finally, we chose the fifth alternative as the visual identity and brand characteristics. This option subtly highlighted andramatin’s works and masterpieces through sequences of block plans, creating a more straightforward and iconic look. We try our best that all of the graphic elements are not overpowering but rather complimenting the identity and character of andramatin’s architecture.

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5th alternative identity and direction

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block plans of andramatin’s architecture

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promotional materials

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stationery and proposal

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