Cirque de L’amour

August 20, 2010

It has been a long time since we have come across a wedding invitation project of note. Most of the wedding invites we have seen lately are quite generic, without any differentiating characteristics.

We were fortunate to have a special client, Ms. Roberta Jane Wachjo, with whom we could explore the invitation’s possibilities. After many deliberations, we created a wedding invite with the theme of Cirque. The idea was to produce a wedding invite that would put people in a festive mood of anticipation, just as a circus does.

The resulting invitation was designed to be charming and playful, and to surprise the recipient, like an unexpectedly delightful present. We hope that this additional value will also bring recipients to treasure not trash it, as a souvenir of the meaningful event it commemorates and as a celebration of love!

Vive l’amour