_DSC6067.jpgArt direction by Leboye.

An elegant residence designed for people. Two luxurious towers of 300 all suites – two and three bedroom apartments – providing comfort and urban sophistication at the heart of the city. With strategic location, high-end amenities, scenic landscaping and personal touches, La Vie brings out the best quality in both urban and family life.

PT. Zaman Bangun Perwita is an established developer moving forward to develop a luxurious residential apartment complex located in Setiabudi, Kuningan. Leboye created a unique branding to promote its lush and spacious green setting that lends for a peaceful balance and healthy living.

LaVie_Logo.jpgStationary-ii-edit.jpgNaming and branding reflects modern living and soul rejuvenation.

The process begins with Leboye developing names that portray green and peaceful living. Inspired by the popular French saying, ‘c’est la vie’, meaning that’s life, the name la vie is a reflection of the way life should be. Lavie is a knitting together of architecture & landscape to create a true home, which offers modern living necessity and soul rejuvenation. 

The philosophy behind LaVie is captured in its stylized logo of a tree, with its branches that represents the comfort and shelter of home. Aware that trees are common logo choice, the LeBoYe team differentiated the logo through its color and stylized form. The leaves are represented by 27 dots, an auspicious feng shui number.

IMG_5105(1).jpgIMG_5150(1).jpgIMG_5157(1).jpgIMG_5166(1).jpgIMG_5170(1).jpgThe lavie brochure exudes comfort, luxury, and leisure with delicately shaded natural imagery printed on large spreads.

The client’s dedication to quality and detail in all aspects was showcased through this luxurious brochure. Exclusive bronze stamping was used for the LaVie logo, along with sturdy French binding. Inside, nature-inspired images were showcased on different types of paper that selected to represent different moods, ranging from smooth papers to texture papers to marmor, a heavy semi-translucent tracing paper. 

_DSC4756.jpg_DSC4740.jpg_DSC4848.jpgShow unit of La Vie Residence. Visitors can see the ongoing construction of La Vie overlooking the window.