Book Design 20 Years of Andramatin Architecture

January 28, 2021

The book is a continuation of the Prihal exhibition held at the National Gallery on November 28 – December 11 2019, where we designed its identity system ranging from names, visual identities, promotions through social media contents and merchandise. This book is the first publication that explores selected works of andramatin’s 20 years journey, highlighting the thought processes behind their works.

For several months, we worked directly with andramatin’s team and curators, as well as writers to explore the book layout design and compile the content of the Prihal book, and exchange ideas when faced with various challenges during the design and production process. One of the main challenges we face is adjusting the fixed size of the book that have been published, shifting the theme of the content from highlighting the exhibition and its behind the scene process, to focusing more on the design and architecture of andramatin itself. Aside from these, there was also the production budget limitations.

In preparing the content, we decided to divide it into several parts, the first one being, ‘A Journey Towards Architectural Space, an interview with Andra Matin by David Hutama’ that briefly introduce us to the journey of andramatin works told in a relaxed and entertaining way. We also decided to apply light blue color to give a calm nuance and balanced out the fairly dense interview content.

The next one is ‘Reading Prihal: andramatin architecture – An Architecture Exhibition by Dany Wicaksono’ which tells about the process behind the exhibition, as well as room or space zoning. We created the content design for this exhibition while maintaining consistency from the previous one, aside from applying a different color, beige to make it more attractive and adding flashbacks photos of the Prihal exhibition. We decided to adjust the size of the photos into smaller scale in order to not dominate the entire content proportions which focuses on andramatin architectural works.

Overall, in designing this book, we aim to address the whole working process, spirit, and characteristics behind it, as well as the uniqueness of andramatin. As graphic designers, we adapt to these principles in the design of this book, by applying clean layouts, light colors, and raw materials. The previous cover design were created using photographic images, which we felt was very strong and graphic. Therefore we decided to change it, to give a more poetic, graphic, and subtle feel in using white and applying the graphic elements in the form of the shapes resembling Prihal exhibition blocks which can also maintain the consistency of the exhibition’s graphic design.

Through this book, we can see the passion, aspirations, and ambitions of andramatin that can inspire us to help build a better Indonesia.


One Response to “Book Design 20 Years of Andramatin Architecture”

  1. Giulia Intashci Says:

    Hi, I’m an Italian architect. Is it possible to buy this book? Please send me an email

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