Peranakan Porcelain

November 29, 2009

Blue and white porcelain plate has been lying at the heart of Peranakan culture for several centuries. It was often used as gift exchange item with foreign relations during the Ming Dynasty. These days this finely executed porcelain plate is considered as a collector’s item. Recently we designed one for one of our dear client who just celebrated his 70th birthday. He wanted to give his guests a special souvenir, and we think this porcelain will certainly do.

We personalized the porcelain design by putting things that he likes, from the “Semarangan” design style to the card symbols. To make this souvenir even more personal, at the back of each porcelain we put a stamp of his name and initial. Moreover, each porcelain also has its own number. So every guest can truly consider this souvenir as a collector’s item. Besides the souvenir and its packaging, we also designed his birthday stationary, from the initial emblem, invitation, gift card and paper bag.