Paper Celebration

April 3, 2010

Only on paper has humanity yet achieved glory, beauty, truth, knowledge, virtue, and abiding love.
George Bernard Shaw

Started as a small paper shop called “Toko Tjoa” in 1960, Surya Palace Jaya Company has grown up and developed into one of the most well-known paper distributors in the country, providing a vast diversified line of paper for various market range and needs. In 2010, celebrating fifty years anniversary in the spirit of contribution to the culture and the society, Surya Palace Jaya assigned us to create its 50th anniversary logo along with a remarkable calendar in commemoration of this special golden years event. Monumental and aspiringly different, to create a big buzz of excitement, the calendar itself aimed to be collectable as a memento. In the past years, SPJ has had innumerable calendars designed with various paper plays and technical printing emphasizing on the paper product promotions. It was, that this time, we would like to convey the heritage esteem of paper and its great role in our daily life, as well as bringing the message of environment respect.

Since the beginning of its invention, paper has been a very important media in our civilization for centuries. Shouldering the communication reality, paper take on a great responsibility as information medium. This thin, appealing, palpable material serve as a neutral medium in delivering and recording the messages, emotion, and sentimental values in our lives.  Today paper’s role has been metamorphosed by the advance of technologies and new media era. But this phenomena does not bring an end to the enchantment of paper, instead, it has enriched our possibilities of exploration and giving a new birth in the human culture. Particularly, in design fields, it has been an everlasting facilitator in fostering our creative activities.

We should say paper is the backbone of our modern society, a heritage, and a legacy that needs to be preserved for future generations. Therefore,as regards to this view, we then invited 13 graphic designers from different decades, representing different generation in Indonesia Graphic Design, to participate and collaborate in this monumental event of SPJ 50th anniversary.

It is as we would like to hold a project that is not only a creation of a calendar but also an exhibition of Paper Celebration as part of the many activities that SPJ will have this year. This project serves to represent and pay a homage to the parallel path of paper and design that have been traced side by side for years.

Of course it is a great thanks to all of the participants that we were able to complete this inspiring remarkable project. I think Graphic Designer should be united to create a better future for all of us !

Here by, a brief introduce to some of the creative pieces:

‘It was the same feeling between peeling an apple and peeling a bulk of papers– and when you add the right context, you will be able to say almost anything.’ Henricus Linggawidjaja

Regarding this deep philosophy, Henricus created this strong visual metaphor of the esteem of paper as a vessel for information in its interrelationship with human interpretation and the culture.

‘In its simplest form, a piece of paper is able to represent a significant meaning. The year 2010 is a roaring celebration, The Year of Tiger.’
Sandy Karman, giving a simple creative twist to an ordinary paper material, created a birth to a unique illustration of this year symbol. It is an interesting exemplar for the great expressive power and flexibility of paper in nurturing our creative exploration.

Not every single second passes in one’s mind without having any question. From the simple everyday thing, what to eat? what to wear? to what’s the meaning of life? A question is like a thin layer between us and reality. We’re never-ending questioning human being.’

In this piece, Mendiola expressed his personal view in life through an attractive play of paper treatment and optical dimension. As through questioning we gain consciousness of life, probably it’s the time for us to question and rethink about the esteem of paper, in our daily life, and to the future of our world.

Paper has been there to cherish the peak of human civilization and embrace the glory of knowledge and science. It has been there to inherit culture between generations. And told legacy as it is a legacy.’

Erick Widjaja proposed an interesting experiment in the play of a perceptible three dimension typography. It represents the correlation of graphic as the information carrier and the tactile materiality of paper that foster the awakening of human sense, while also implicitly conveying its heritage value, from the past to present to the future.

‘Paper is no longer in the opposing side of technology. Within augmented reality, paper holds a new important role. Playing with the local society’s perception of sundays, holidays and pay days, this artwork offers a compelling interaction.’

Irwan Ahmett created an appealing interactive play of paper as a traditional media and the advance of the new media in the digital era. This creative piece will reveal its information through the computer network when it is captured by the web camera. Teasing the curious nature of humanity, he also created a very well representation of the metamorphosis of paper value in the progress of human culture.

‘Paper and time share the same meaning. Both are valuable. But unconsciously we tend to take it for granted. Toilet paper makes a good symbol for both since it’s usually associated with insignificant things.’

Henricus illustration, brought up the association of paper and time through a unique metaphor. It is a reality that indeed, as paper existence has been so common to our life that we often forget its great enchantment. He sent us a moral message that we should regard our usage of paper in respect, for this valuable material not to be wasted.

‘Papers in its various shapes, forms and functionalities surrounds our everyday life. At some point, paper even personifies emotional meanings. Paper truly deserves a celebration.’

Either it is cutting, stacking,bending, drawing, writing, paper is likely to be the first thing that we work with our creative ideas. Lans Brahmantyo reminded us for paper is not only a functional information carrier, it also hold sentimental value, as we record and share our feelings through this neutral medium.

‘Paper does not merely have a tactile effect, paper also conveys dynamic interpretation.

Eko Prabowo created a simple and a strong depiction of the story of our culture within the perpetual capability of paper as a medium, as it delivers the message and sentimental values through its dynamic and tactile interpretation.

‘The tactile sensation of paper will never be replaced by any other media, not even the so called latest technology. Paper brings no distance in our interaction. It carries the truest meaning to our touch.’

Bing Fei’s piece tells the undefeat power of paper, its tactile existence. It is able to be touched, to be sensed. The point of our fingertip brushing the paper surface while we absorb the information brings a real interaction of the heart of communication.

‘Even as a waste, paper surprisingly can be used to create something beautiful. Taking the form of mandala, paper waste has been transformed into a sensation of harmony and paradise.’

Ismiaji Cahyono unique photo montage illustration depicts an offer for reevaluation of human use of paper. Represented by the form of mandala, it is our responsibility for building a balance and harmony relationship with paper. It is to remind ourselves to the environmental respect, to the nature as the mother of our existence.

Paper can be regarded as one of the most valuable heritage to our future generations. It should be conserved responsibly with high regards to our environment.’

Sita Subyakto’s piece depicts the important role of paper in passing the knowledge through generations. It is thanks to it, our societies were able to develop to where we are nowadays

“a” is the beginning, “12” is another month to waste. Waste it in a good way.’ Ritchie Ned Hansel
Ritchie’s quote has concluded the message of his piece. Our positive honor to paper will bring a positive future to the next generation, as “The way we ended things will be the beginning of another next happening.”


HENRICUS LINGGAWIDJAJA Born in 1971, he studied in Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring visual communications and got his master degree in Fine Art from the University of Derby, UK. After several years of working in New York, he returned to Indonesia and opened a small art gallery for younger artists while freelancing in the local advertising companies. Now, he is the founder and creative director of Artnivora Design, handling clients from professionals to heavy industries.

ERIC WIDJAJA After graduating from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and undertaking an internship at Landor Associates, he established Thinking Room Inc., a graphic design studio that delivers a whole design concept and solutions to his clients.

SANDY KARMAN Graduated from Visual Communication Design of ITB, he’s been working in several top agencies such as Leo Burnett and OgilvyOne Worldwide in Jakarta. He became an independent freelance designer since 2007.

IRWAN AHMETT Came from a small town in West Java, he had studied graphic design at Institut Kesenian Jakarta. His passion for design led him to various design projects to answer the six most important questions in his life.

MENDIOLA B. WIRYAWAN Starting his professional career as designer in 2000, he later established Mendiola Design Associates in 2004. Working for multinational brands such as HSBC, Shell and WWf to name a few, he is also listed as a visual communication design lecturer in one University in Jakarta since 2005. With his extensiveexperiences in branding, he produced Kamus Brand, the first branding dictionary in Indonesia.

HENRICUS KUSBIANTORO In 2007, he was the first person from Indonesia who received a prestigious international graphic design award from D&AD London-Merit and New York’s Art Director Club for designing the global AIDS campaign identity, RED. At this moment he’s working as senior art director at Landor Associates head office in San Francisco and actively guest lecturing at design schools in USA, Canada and Indonesia.

LANS BRAHMANTYO He has always been passionate about visual graphics, fine arts, architecture and photography since his youth. Graduated from engineering and information system background, his passion brought him back to take a profession in graphic design and established Afterhours Group in 1995. He also co-founded Hexart and Red and White Publishing which focusing on the international-quality Indonesian arts and culture coffee table books.

ISMIAJI CAHYONO Besides being a graphic designer, lecturer and critic, he is currently heading the editorial department of Versus magazine. With his wife, he found Lumiére Graphique, a graphic design studio, which now has been dissolved into Semarak Udaya Nirawasana (SUNVISUAL), a branding and strategic communication consultancy based in Jakarta.

EKO PRABOWO DesignEko Creative Consultants was established as a creative agency to promote enviromentally friendly contemporary products. Eko initially focused on furniture design, which inspired local and international clients, who encouraged him to further develop his unique style in Graphic, Interior and Craft designs.

SITA SUBYAKTO WARMAN With education background from Fine Arts, her working experiences in advertising and teen magazine, she established Headline Creative Communications with her friends. To focus more on Indonesian arts and culture, she’s currently joining Alun Alun Indonesia as the Head of Creative.

BING FEI After finishing his study in Industrial Management and Engineering, he then became a self taught graphic designer. After working for a design agency and freelancing for some time, in 2001 he started Vaith Design Office together with his wife. His passion for design brought him to be the finalist of Scopa Awards for two categories at the same time. He’s the Chairman of Adgi Surabaya Chapter since 2008-present.

RITCHIE NED HANSEL Graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Art, Jakarta Institute of Arts, he is currently a part of the team of ( His works play in every aspect of art and design. In his spare time, he plays music with his band, The Modest, Damascus, Bondi Ned Hansel and The Sastro.

briefing at tesate restaurant

irwan ahmett working in leboye office

hardworking eric widjaja and his teams creating wonderful work of arts !