LogoLounge.com, the world’s largest searchable database of logo design, in January 2010 published their new book titled Logo Lounge: Master Library, vol 1. It is a collection of 3000 logos classified by initials and crests. Constantly looking for fresh inspiration, designers can use this new series to take a more focused look at core logo applications. The book was published by Rockport and written by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel. Here are three of our identity projects that have been selected for and published in the Logo Lounge Master Library.

First is the Bunga Rampai project. Created in 2008, Bunga Rampai translates as ‘an assortment of flowers’  in Indonesian, reflecting the Indonesian tradition of using flower arrangements such as jasmine, rose and frangipani in important occasions. An logo composed of the initials B and R placed tightly together create a decorative logogram.

Second is the MQ guest house, a great project that we did for Management Qalbu. The concept for this guest house was a comfortable and high quality space which facilitates the practice of qalbu management in ministry, namely the belief in the importance of togetherness and helping each other. It revolves around the mission of the importance of simplicity and adherence to Islamic norms.

Third is the Topiary logo that we did way back on 1995, but which is still one of our favorite logos. The logo is painted on a canvas using initials T for Topiary using three different typefaces representing different activities. The serif typeface “T” showing  a man cutting the Topiary represents design.  The one showing a man pouring the water represents caring. And last but not least is the one with a san serif typeface showing a man painting his own creations, which represents his love and passion to his profession.

It is worth noting that Topiary logo still looks fresh and up-to-date despite in spite of being over 15 years old, so much so that it was chosen for this prestigious Logo Lounge selection. Such longevity reflects good principles of design and a keen appreciation of the balance of elements, as contained within this logo.