Munir Said Thalib, a young lawyer and human rights activist in Indonesia. He devoted his life to defend the rights of victims and survivors of human rights and to end impunity for human rights violators in Indonesia. But ironically his activism had to stop. On September 7, 2004, Munir, who was only 38, was killed on his way to take a scholarship to the Netherlands.

After a long journey to commemorate Munir’s activism, finally, in his hometown of Batu, Malang, Munir Human Rights Museum was established. This museum aims to promote human rights education in Indonesia, and foster a peaceful generation that respects human rights and uphold its principles such as tolerance, freedom, equality and anti-violence. This museum is also designed inclusively, open for children to adults, by Urbane Indonesia who won the first award at the Munir Human Rights Museum Competition.

The identity of Munir Human Rights Museum reflects an open space that provides freedom of expression, as the most fundamental form of human rights and becomes a space for learning that continues to inspire. We were working on the identity of Munir Human Rights Museum, with a straightforward logotype approach along with a visual design system as the first Human Rights Museum in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.