Jabarano, Promoting the Finest West Java through Coffee

March 1, 2020

We were given the opportunity by Mr. Ridwan Kamil, governor of West Java, to create an identity for a Melbourne-based coffee shop that serves the finest West Java-sourced coffee bean. With full support from the government of West Java, aims to promote the authenthic West Java experience as a tourism destination through its coffee. As the name “Jabarano” derived and inspired from the term “Americano”, Mr. Kamil welcome all of coffee lovers to be a part of something that can improve the lives and futures of many coffee farmers in West Java.

Traces of West Java as the birth mother of Java coffee, arguably the most sought after coffee in the world, were gradually forgotten, we aspire to revive and retell the tale of West Java coffee. We start by designing the brand identity of Jabarano coffee through modern approach with comprehensive visual language and applications that represents the finest of West Java.

We create a playful and friendly logotype inspired by the stunning highlands and mountains of West Java. The secondary elements on the other hand, accentuates West Javanese culture with a playful and dynamic approach. We developed a unique set of illustrations based on the cultural objects and landscape found in the surrounding areas of West Java.


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