January 8, 2013

A brand name is more than a word. It is the beginning of a conversation – Lexicon, name creator for blackberry, pentium for intel,  powerbook for apple

Tijili is one of LeBoYe’s recent projects, which we have to create an identity & concept for a hotel from zero. By working together with the masterplan mind and architect Ridwal Kamil from Urbane, with a touch of Alex Bayu on interior design, Marc Steinmeyer from Preference Hotel management and Hitakara Development was an enjoyable experience. It was a rare opportunity that we have a client who realized and understanding how valuable a design process is. Each of the experts have been contributed and worked together in developing the concept from the beginning of the project.


The Hotel is located at one of Bali’s famous street where the stylish restaurant and notable shops are gathering as well as Seminyak beach are close as just a walking distance. A hotel that happening, unique, distinctive and modern would become a destination place for the active travelers. The hotel that has a blend between contemporary with twisted of Balinese culture, which offers an unpredictable atmosphere that will make an impression in the guests mind.

‘Tijilis’ motif often used for a cultural occasion in Balinese ceremonial and made from palm leaves, clay, janur and rice cakes.

The hotel come with the name “Tijili” that refers to a traditional motif that represents the rice goddess – Dewi Sri; a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Tijili is also often known as Balinese Doll. This motif has been reinterpreted in a modern form and logotype due to reflect the dynamic and creative culture of Seminyak; places where influences by the traditional Balinese culture and modern ideas combine that produce something fresh and different.




‘Tijili’ figures are reinterpreted in a shapes which have similarity to the logotype. The new silhouette gives a fresh and contemporary soul in Tijili identity.

pattern Tijili3-6

For the secondary identity, the Tijili logotype is combined with one of the Balinese distinctive pattern; ‘Poleng’. ‘The chessboard pattern of alternating black and white squares is surely the most distinguished motif of Balinese fabric that symbolize the balance between good and evil.

pattern Tijili 2-2


pattern Tijili4

The vertical garden look of graphic wall façade were arranged distinctively, so that the plants and spaces between them formed the word of Tijili.

pattern a






2 Responses to “Tijili”

  1. Hendra Says:

    Pak Hermawan karyanya memang selalu mengagumkan, dan selalu ditunggu.
    karya ini memang lain dari pada yg lain , selaras dengan karya kontemporer unik architecture nya Ridwan Kamil. 2 thumbs up buat leboye.

  2. Nik Sofia Says:

    Hi, I would like to find out, where did Tijili purchase/order your wooden table lamp (rabbit/cockatoo) from? the ones that you have in each hotel room.

    appreciate a response. thank you

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