Stylishly Proper Senopati Suites

March 25, 2009

senopati sign

Senopati Suites is a luxurious residential property in the prestigious Senopati area by Asiana Developer. Located along the Senopati street and just minutes away from the SCBD as well as other entertainment venues, Senopati Suites offers an old world charm with great lifestyle for a modern, unique and refreshing eco-friendly living atmosphere.

Targeted for the established people with only 93 selected units, the architectural concept reflects nothing but elegant, stylish and sophistication. Aboday Architects Jakarta in collaboration with Aedas International Architects Singapore carefully consider the sense of place and the relentless attention to details.




To be in line with the architectural concept, we use a more personal approach in designing Senopati Suites’ total branding from naming, logo, brochure, cd profile, newsletters, website ( and other marketing collateral.

The logo is made as a monotype emblem, a symbol which represents the charm of Senopati area, the stylish and lavish lifestyle of Senopati Suites. For the brochure we would like to come up with something different and more private. The use of space, airy design and natural light in the architectural concept gives us the idea to use transparent papers (commonly known as tracing papers) for the whole brochure. The transparent paper creates more design possibilities for us to play with layer, dimension and depth. Combined with French folded binding and subtle finishing, the whole brochure portrays fine and modern features of the Stylishly Proper Senopati Suites.







7 Responses to “Stylishly Proper Senopati Suites”

  1. goygoy Says:



  2. vay Says:

    I am one of the lucky person to see the work “in the flesh”… Simply an inspiring piece!

  3. embatoets Says:

    I’m often looking for recent posts in the net about this issue. Thankz.

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