A-Z of the Archipelago

March 23, 2009

a to z iht2

a to z iht

We’re very pleased to have accomplished this A-Z of Archipelago collection. After a thorough research and uncountable design experiments, this side-project took us a little more than 10 years to finish. Along the way, there’re a lot of rearrangements of ornaments which represent the 26 letters because we would like to have the right variation to best personify our archipelago without any emphasize on certain ethnic/culture.


Indonesia is known as wealthy nation, from the striking nature with abundant resources to the diverse culture and people. Each only resonates our nation’s wealth. Being at the heart of a vast network of trading routes for centuries, Indonesia has absorbed various foreign influences where we inherited a wealth of cultural symbolism. The symbolism represents expression of spiritual and cultural values – one of the most sophistication of culture.

a-z of archipelago

a-z of archipelago

a-z of archipelago

We can see these symbols applied as exquisite patterning on textile, architectural details and other items of practical use. The specific embellishment are telling us many things including the cultural area, the technical method, the social use and other related meaning. Such as Lokcan pattern from Tuban, East Java, which is ornamented with Chinese phoenix bird as an emblem of beauty; and valuable double-weave Patola silk out of Gujerat is well known as prestigious inter-island trade during Dutch colony. Some patterns even have ceremonial/religious functions, or indicate the power/status of the owner. For example, Aso or dog-dragon head motif of upper Mahakam entitled only to high nobility members. Those glorious traditions to ethnic craft are testimony to cultural diversity of Indonesia and superlative craftsmanship.

a-z of archipelago

Such adoration comes as an inspiration for this A-Z of Archipelago collection. Consists of carefully selected ornamental motifs displaying the heritage of Indonesian patterns, this collection is meant to be used for all occasions blank cards where we combine the fine patterning, modern colors and the latest printing technology. Furthermore, besides a collection of ready to use blank cards, we also want to share these symbolical ornaments with everyone. It will be available in CD soon and anyone can use it for initial, poster or other graphic materials. Just call Eva at 7199676 to pre-order the CD with a special price and get the card collection.

a-z of archipelago

a to z iht 3

a-z of archipelago

a toz iht4

You’ll never know what you get once you play with the ornament. This frame is created using the ‘A’ ornament.


16 Responses to “A-Z of the Archipelago”

  1. Adri Says:

    whoaa….superb @_@. Keren banget idenya….

  2. andinobita Says:

    keren ! culture nya Le Bo Ye emang yang ethnic gini ya .. awesome !

  3. reagan Says:

    memang salud saya sama bapak kita 1 ini, selalu focus dengan Indonesia kita dimana banyak orang mencela, beliau tetep menggali dan mencari keunikannya. Salud pak, 3 thumbs for you sir…

    • leboye Says:

      dalam segala hal kita selalu mecari sesuatu yg ada di sekeliling dan dekat hati kita, alam, budaya dan kesenian kita adalah inspirasi yang tak pernah habis.

  4. joehans Says:

    wao. . . great ideas semoga dapat award bro

  5. mongkih Says:

    luar biasa pak!. three thumbs up buat Leboye!

  6. maydina Says:

    pak ..kereen..sarat dengan kultur dan budaya indonesia..
    semalam saya memerhatikan penjelasan dari tiap kartu (yang dibelakangnya)…coba kalo semua seniman/designer berkarya ttg kultur/budaya indonesia..jadi kita nggak kemalingan ama negara tetangga yang suka mengklaim…

    nb: di promo online n offline pak..supaya nggak cuma kalangan des grafis aja yang tahu pak..tapi masy umum juga 😉

    Terus berkarya pak..two thumbs up..

  7. maydina Says:

    maaf itu link di atas salah..kalo sempet mampir ke web saya pak..;) linknya ada di nama saya yang ini ..;)

  8. Kurniawan Gunadi Says:

    saya baca ulasan tentang A-Z of Archipelago di majalah Concept, keren banget Pak,,, katanya udah ada versi FONT nya y, saya cari kok gaK Ada, apa boleh minta langsung dari bapak?

  9. Yoan Koo Says:

    ahaaa ini dia 😀 kereeenn *o*

  10. Ragga Says:

    bukunya bisa dibeli dimana nih?

  11. […] Salah satu karya tipografi yang dibahas dalam kelas ini. Diambil dari https://leboye.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/a-z-of-archipelago/ […]

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