Cinema Identity – Drupadi

December 15, 2008


Drupadi is a character from the adaptation of classical Mahabharata epic. It was told that Drupadi, the daughter of King Drupada of Panchala, was born from fire (agni) and that she was the most beautiful and graceful woman at that time. Through a very dramatic bow and arrow contest which was won by Arjuna with her being the price, she was put in a position to marry all five Pandawa brothers.

This adaptation is mainly telling the story of the dynastic struggle for the Hastinapura throne, between the Kurawa and Pandawa brothers from Drupadi’s point a view. In this modern time, this story represents the equality of men and women.

For this short movie, we’d like to portray the compelling characters of Drupadi as the main figure in the visual identity, both her femininity and her gracious strength. We chose to combine the form of lotus and fire as the logogram accompanied by a strong and distinctive font type. Those logo elements are very flexible and each can be used independently for the applications. For example, the logogram can be filled with an image from the scene or even made as pattern to be used as wallpaper or book jacket.






It’s a new thing for us to collaborate with other artists and designers for a movie. Although only a small part, we’re very excited to be able to contribute to the Indonesian cinema. We are hopeful that with a better visual graphics, Indonesian cinema can have a better quality as well.

Directed by Riri Riza, produced by Mira Lesmana, Dian Sastrowardoyo, and Wisnu Darmawan, this epic written by Mpu Vyasa was adapted to a modern script by Leila S. Chudori. Dian Sastrowardoyo as Drupadi is accompanied by Nicholas Saputra as Arjuna.


12 Responses to “Cinema Identity – Drupadi”

  1. Uwi Says:

    Keren euy logotype’nya!
    Dapet gitu ‘feel’nya! 🙂

    Jadi gak sabar pengen liat..

  2. paman tyo Says:

    beruntunglah project drupadi karena bertemu empu dari leboye.

  3. Giana Lenggawati Says:

    wah, akhirnya ada juga yang memfilmkan Mahabharata… jadi pengen liat seperti apa sih, hehehe…

  4. minor-eight Says:

    love the stationary and logotype!

  5. there are German TV series of Babylon5, Law and Order and many more and every day there are more, of course, all for free

  6. arwen Says:

    kerenn bgt
    tapi sayangnya gak diputer secara besar2an di bioskop2, jadi terbatas yang nonton.
    smg nanti bisa ya…

  7. anne Says:

    i love Drupadi’s character… 🙂

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