Invitation & Promotion Design

November 19, 2008


Everyday we see more than hundreds of flyers, posters and other marketing collaterals screaming for our attention. Sadly more than half of them are just a junk for the eye, and at the end the message and intention behind the creation is barely achieved. A book published by Harper Collins called “Invitation and Promotion Design” compiles a very interesting collection of promotional items which can give some inspirations. Amongst others, our Sebastian Gunawan invitation is featured in the book as well.

This book will be available next month, to pre-order the book please visit:


3 Responses to “Invitation & Promotion Design”

  1. ning fathia Says:

    I love the tag lines “ideas with impact”. Most Indonesian marketing/promotional items are “graphics that sell”. It’s not bad to do so, but it’s nothing creative and doesn’t serve anything to public’s mind and eyes.

  2. Zvvdmmpc Says:

    MYshu2 comment2 ,

  3. apem Says:

    kok pake bahasa inggris mas aq ga faham, by kapal

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