Bunga Rampai

October 29, 2008

Bunga Rampai

Although we have done many restaurant projects in the past where each is unique and challenging, nothing quite like the branding we did for Bunga Rampai. Being an Indonesian fine-dining restaurant promoting real Indonesian cuisine, Bunga Rampai is significantly recognized as the place for ambassadorial gatherings.

Bunga Rampai

Taking place on the colonial landmark which served witness to many of Indonesia’s national personages as they master-planned the birth of a new nation, the name Bunga Rampai is taken from the Indonesian term of assorted flowers. Such flower arrangement of jasmine, rose and frangipani is often used in important occasions.

Bunga Rampai

Besides the name and the monogram logo, the branding involves distinctive plants from various parts of Indonesia to embellish the botanical theme in every corner. One reference comes from the 18th century book, Flora Javae, by Carolo Ludovico Blume.

Bunga Rampai

Special printing techniques of foil and thermography is used on the business collateral to get the elegant result. The typography and well use of space also refines the menu to be favored as a poetry book rather than a list of meals.

Bunga Rampai

Bunga Rampai

Bunga Rampai


3 Responses to “Bunga Rampai”

  1. Beautiful design and atmosphere. Nice work!

  2. Great !!!

    I feel the ambiance of elegant in this design.


  3. Liz Firth Says:

    This is a truly beautiful design – so sophisticated and elegant.
    Congratulations on a superb effort, LeBoYe design you are my inspiration.

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